FBI Warns of ‘Smishing’

The next evolution of phishing, called smishing, uses SMS texts in an attempt to get victims to reveal personal information about themselves. The criminals, often targeting particular regions or area codes and sometimes using stolen customer phone numbers from banks or credit unions, will send messages such as "There is a problem with your account" or "To avoid being charged for .... Service, reply 'STOP' to this message." What should you do if you suspect you are a victim of smishing? Do not download anything on your mobile device unless it is from a trusted source. When making online purchases, [...]

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Are Employee Pay Stubs Required?

Actually, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require employers to issue pay statements to their employees. However, FLSA does mandate that employers keep accurate records of hours worked and wages paid to employees. Although the FLSA does not require Employer's to issue pay stubs, your individual state may required pay stubs be issued. Furthermore, your state may have very specific stipulations as to what must be listed on pay stubs. For instance Alabama has no provisions while South Carolina requires Gross Pay and itemized deductions to be listed. North Carolina requires only itemized deductions be listed while Georgia [...]

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Attention Florida Employers: SUI Wage Base Decrease

On Friday, March 23, the State of Florida released that it signed into law a reduction to the UI wage limit effective retroactively to 1/1/12. The reduced wage limit is now $8,000, down from the prior limit of $8,500. DirectPay is in the process of updating our system to accommodate the amendment.   What is an Unemployment Taxable Wage Base? As an employer, you are required to pay "x" amount of taxes for the first "x" amount of employee wages. This applies to FICA, State Unemployment (SUI) and Federal Unemployment (FUTA). However, for purposes of understanding SUI wage base, we will [...]

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1st Quarter Reporting

As quarter one 2012 comes to a close, we would like to remind our clients to report any first quarter adjustments by 1pm on Friday.   Some items to be mindful of: Please make sure you have submitted your 2012 State Unemployment rate If we do not have your State or SUI account number, please fax or email a copy to us before Friday. If you voided any pay checks, please let us know before 1pm on Friday Please confirm that we have social security numbers for all of your employees Please report any manual checks written from your business [...]

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Are you correctly compensating your employees for overtime?

Believe it or not, when and how to pay overtime is a commonly asked question. Not a day goes by where we are not asked "When should I pay overtime, over 80 hours in two weeks?" Actually, the standard is over 40 hours in one week. However, some states pay overtime if an employee works more than 8 hours in one day. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates overtime pay to be at least 1.5 times an employee's regular rate of pay after 40 hours of the workweek, not to be confused with the pay period. Example 1: In [...]

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Tax Scam targets Senior Citizens, Working Families, College Tax Credit and Church Members

As in scams past, the most recent IRS Tax scam circulating brings promises of refunds to individuals of lower income, and most without a tax filing requirement. The fraudulent scheme claims the ability to acquire for their victims, frequently senior citizens, a false stimulus payment or non existent tax refund basing their claims on the American Opportunity Tax Credit. The perpetrators will claim eligibility of a College Tax Credit even if it has been decades since the victim has attended school. Likewise, low income families, church congregations, and seniors are being lured with deceiving promises of free money. Another variation [...]

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Show your Employees you Appreciate Them

Let's face it, our employees are the heart of our business. I know mine are. Without them, our clients don't get the best service possible and your business does not function to capacity. So shouldn't you make it a point to show them how much they are appreciated? Here's a few ways to show your appreciation and keep the morale up! Praise: Take notice of your employee's hard work. Employee's want to be be recognized for their achievements. When you praise your employees accomplishments it motivates them to continue to excel. When possible, publicly show respect and appreciation. Employee recognition [...]

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Health Care Reform: How it Changes FSAs and HSAs

Starting on January 1, 2013 the amount eligible for contribution to your FSA account will be considerably lower than in the past.  A mere of $2,500.00 as opposed to no maximum contribution limit in previous years. However, many employers set a limit under $5,000.00. HSAs are facing fewer changes due to the Health Care Reform Bill, but the penalty for using funds for non-medical expenses before the age of 65 has doubled from 10% to 20%. The HSA minimum deductible will rise to $2,500 for family and $1,250.00 for individual coverage in 2013. Maximum HSA contributions for 2013 will be [...]

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Attention Georgia Employers

On March 15, 2012 the Georgia Department of Labor issued a Notice of Tax Rate Recalculations. Your business should have received this notice from the GDOL either late last week or early this week. Please fax a copy to (704) 921-2718 or email a copy to payroll@directpaypayroll.com as soon as you possible. We will need this updated information no later than March 30th in order to include the rate increase with 1st quarter. Please note, the rate increases are not significant, but must be reflected in your first quarter reporting. In 2009 Georgia's Unemployment fund had become too depleted to [...]

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DirectPay Payroll Services is looking for qualified Sales Representatives!

We are looking for Sales people in the Charlotte area. Please send resume via email only to beth@directpaypayroll.com Our objective is to provide full service payroll and tax filing services for small to medium size businesses in and around the Southeast. What makes our company an industry leader in the Charlotte area is our focus on excellence and our passion for impeccable customer service. Our sales team is the face of our company and needs to demonstrate these traits. Ideally, our candidate will have an established network along with payroll sales experience. However, sales professionals with an excellent work ethic [...]

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