Employee Vacation Time Can Add Value to a Company’s Business

It's the peak of the vacation season. And while many employees are taking time off their jobs to rest, relax and recharge, that time away is adding value to their employer's business. According to the Austin (Texas) Business Journal, one dollar's investment in employer-sponsored vacation benefits yields a $3 return in improved productivity and morale. And, in his book "Go Away: Just for the Health of It," Dr. Mel Byrns says that for every dollar that companies get back in vacation time not taken, ... Read more

Workers’ Comp Alert!

Worker's Comp Alert!A new North Carolina law allows lawmakers to potentially incarcerate employers for failure to provide workers' compensation! State lawmakers' have approved HB 237 which requires the state Industrial Commission to capture all information from the North Carolina Rate Bureau, which records insurance information on employers. The Industrial Commission insures that employers have coverage and resolves workers' claims. The new bill allows non-compliant employers to be pursued and may even allow penalties for non-compliance to include incarceration. The bill has been ... Read more

A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A few years back Suzie Crage of Stanley Labs' Human Resources Department was working with a large corporate provider to handle Stanley's outsourced payroll management. The company was supposed to be great at what they did; they had a great reputation and had promised Crage the moon. And Stanley was paying top dollar for the services. Then one afternoon Crage got a batch of bad paychecks. "There's nothing worse than a mistake in a paycheck. You don't want an employee with an incorrect ... Read more

Back to the Basics With Expert Outsourcing

Business owners may view performing day-to-day operations as simply a headache. The truth is that the time required to manage business operations may actually damage the viability of the business. Business management sometimes becomes an overwhelming task that can strangle the original vision of a company by consuming the time, energy and talent of the management and staff. Focus on the basics should be the mission of all companies and employees. A focus on day-to-day business management sometimes pulls talented professionals away ... Read more

Don’t Let This Tragic IRS Story Be Yours!

At Christmas time in 2003 Frankie's Restaurant on Morehead Street had to close because of a fire in the kitchen. Everybody loved Frankie's and the loyal clientele of the mainstay hangout waited patiently, passing news by word of mouth until news came that Frankie's was seating again. Frankie's was a great place. The crowd was loyal. But then in October of 2009 the Charlotte Observer ran a shocking headline that read very simply, "Frankie's Restaurant Closes Its Doors." Reporter Jen Aronoff said ... Read more