Salary Discrepancy Between Men and Women

Salary discrepancy between men and women.The salary gap between men and women in the U.S. has closed significantly in the last 50 years. But despite a generation or so of serious attention to the issue, there’s still a long way to go to achieve the elusive goal of equity.  “These differences aren’t going to go away overnight,” said Dr. Nancy Bush, a marketing professor at Wingate (N.C.) University, noting that equal pay for men and women was part of the Republican ... Read more

Dating In the Workplace: Fifty Shades of a Legal Debacle?

Dating in the workplace: Legail Debacle or Life Changing Romance!For those enthralled in the best seller Fifty Shades of Grey, a workplace romance might seem like a positive next step in life (or in the workplace) but the reality is not that sexy.  For employers it may prove to be an untidy and expensive embarrassment. All too often what starts as a common interest in another person can end up in a messy sexual harassment law suit.  Sexual harassment is defined legally ... Read more

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

The catalyst for outsourcing payroll, tax or HR services is usually cost containment.  Reduction of cost without sacrifice of quality is paramount.  Therefore, when considering outsourcing, vendor choice is critical. After finding a vendor that meets basic payroll production, consider identifying vendors that might have additional payroll or HR products.  Info-Tech Research Group recently conducted a study that found many companies actually outsource to gain access to the specialized skill set that the outsourcing company provides. Rather than depend on employees who ... Read more

Stay Competitive – Plan For Payroll Increases

According to the business consulting firm Mercer, 98 percent of the 1500 employers included on a recent survey plan to increase employee pay in 2013. Salary increases are expected to be up by 2.9 percent, an increase from 2011 and 2010. CNN Money reports that pay raises will not, however, be uniform across the board. Workers designated as top performers are expected to get larger compensation increases than average workers. Some top workers can expect increases as high as 4.5 percent while ... Read more