North Carolina Withholding Tax Notification

Important Notice New NC-4 Required for Payments Beginning January 1, 2014 As a result of the recent tax reform package, all employees and recipients of pension or annuity payments must complete a new withholding allowance certificate. The new form must be completed so the correct amount of State income tax is withheld for any payment periods beginning on or after January 1, 2014. The North Carolina Department of Revenue recently mailed a notification packet to over 239,000 employers and pension payers.  This information (including ... Read more

2013 FUTA Credit Reduction Information

The IRS has released this year's list of states that have defaulted on their 2013 Federal Unemployment Insurance (UI) Loans causing employers in these states to owe additional FUTA tax for the tax year 2013. The following are the FUTA tax rate increases for each affected state: 1.2 percent:  Indiana 0.9 percent:  Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Wisconsin 0.6 percent:  Delaware The rates above will be applied to the 1st $7,000.00 that each FUTA taxable employee earned ... Read more