Payroll Services

Simple. Affordable. Effective.

Small Business Payroll

We help reduce the risk associated with running your own payroll. We ensure accuracy by staying current on tax law and regulatory information. We handle everything related to payroll, so that you can stay focused on your company’s workflow. We customize our services to meet your needs and to protect your bottom line.

Large business Payroll (50 – 5,000 employees)

For larger companies with more than 50 employees, we offer scalable payroll services, human resources and benefits management services. Take advantage of our complete payroll solutions to keep your business payroll tax compliant, efficient, and accurate. Reduce the complexity and risk associated with corporate payroll by letting us manage it for you.

Online Payroll

Online payroll with mobile support allows you to stay connected to your payroll anytime from anywhere. You will have 24/7access to keep your business running efficiently. You can view standard and custom reports each time you run your payroll.

Remote Access Payroll

We make it easy for you to submit payroll online, view reports, and import payroll data to Quickbooks® or other software from anywhere at any time. Your remote access to our system is safe and secure.

Tax Filing Services

With continually changing tax laws, our experts at DirectPay make sure that your business is tax compliant. Let us calculate, deposit, and file your tax payments. We can also determine the appropriate taxes for your employees based on their residency and work location.

Secure PDF Payroll Reports

Our reports are transferred through secure encrypted PDFs that give you access to your payroll information on a regular basis. We compile accurate and in-depth reports to help you manage your business’ payroll requirements.

Labor and Job Costing
This service simplifies the process of job costing.  We make it easy to identify labor costs associated with different projects, departments, or employees. This will eliminate the need to have employees recall how many hours they worked on a project or inconvenience your accounting staff for receipts and invoices. Our system helps identify where you can control costs and facilitate efficiency.

Employee Self Serve

You can spend less time answering payroll questions by giving your employees access to check stubs, W-2s and other personal payroll information through our online system. The system accurately records tasks and times for employees, and keeps a task database to make entries less repetitive. No more outdated spreadsheets and time clocks to manage. This system also helps you manage employee schedules to make the most of your employees’ time.

Secure File Transfer

Our secure file transfer process protects the privacy of your data and payroll information. We offer the most up to date security for file transfers to keep you and your employees’ information confidential.