The experts at DirectPay Payroll Services are always there to answer any questions our staff has. People talk about going above and beyond… well that is exactly what DirectPay does. Anytime we have personnel or payroll issues the team at DirectPay is responsive and accurate with their solutions. The service they provide makes my job of managing the business a whole lot easier.
Keith Kuhn, Partner
In the short time that I have used the services of DirectPay, I have been very pleased with the payroll service that they have provided. They have taken the guess work out of the entire tax reporting issue. From the very beginning these folks have shown a complete knowledge of the workings within a small business, and have responded each and every time that I have had a conversation with them. I only wish that I had begun my relationship with them long ago.
Mike W.
I was previously with a company for 14 years so it took the top attributes to change. The major difference was the online reporting and easy access to any payroll report I needed. DirectPay staff is always friendly, helpful and professional. I would highly recommend DirectPay.
Jeri C.
After using another company for over 20 years, I switched to Direct Pay. Their service and follow through has been excellent at half the cost of my previous vendor
Larry G.