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Workforce Management the DirectPay Payroll Way

We manage employees so you can tend to business. 

Workforce Management by Directpay Payroll

Workforce Management by Directpay Payroll

Our integrated set of human resources tools and technology make us the best choice for busy offices.

  • Information Management – We’re on top of it!  Our staff parses through newsletters, articles, blogs and human resources data on a daily basis.  We select the most important information to pass along to our clients.
  • Record Tracking – From 401 Ks to W-2 Forms we manage records and supply your employees with the records they need to keep moving forward.
  • In The Cloud – Our workforce tracking software runs quietly in the undercurrent of your business.  Cloud technology allows your employees to access what they need when they need it without interrupting your management staff.
  • Talent Management – Recruiting, deployment and training are all functions that can be moved in part or whole to our technology systems.  Free your staff of paperwork and duplicate efforts so that you can deploy the very best talent in your organization.