Let’s face it, our employees are the heart of our business. I know mine are. Without them, our clients don’t get the best service possible and your business does not function to capacity. So shouldn’t you make it a point to show them how much they are appreciated?

Here’s a few ways to show your appreciation and keep the morale up!

  • Praise: Take notice of your employee’s hard work. Employee’s want to be be recognized for their achievements. When you praise your employees accomplishments it motivates them to continue to excel. When possible, publicly show respect and appreciation. Employee recognition is an effective way to boost self-worth and morale.
  •  Flex Time: Flextime helps create a satisfying and content work environment. Employees truly appreciate when their employers are willing to allow for a work-life time adjustment,  as a result they tend to work harder and are more enthusiastic. A flexible schedule is a successful and appreciated tool enabling employees to balance their work with their hectic personal lives.
  • Make work fun: This is a philosophy that we here at DirectPay find so very important. Of course there needs to be a balance between work and play. However, incorporating fun into the workplace produces happier, more productive employees. Have a theme day, baby picture day, or DirectPay’s latest… NINJAS! You never know when and where a pint sized ninja might show up.
  • Show Genuine Interest in your Employees: Take the time to talk to your employees about their daily lives, but without interfering in their personal lives. Ask about their family, hobby, weekend, or recent special event. Your genuine interest will go a long way in making your employees feel valued and appreciated.
  • Please and Thank You: Simple words that we all had pounded into our heads as children, often get forgotten in the business world. However, a simple please or thank you go a long way. Remember to show your employees respect and in turn the respect will be reciprocated.