Why Pay More?

Are you an employer with a small payroll (one to ten employees)? Are you with another national payroll service? If so, you are probably paying 50% to 70% more in fees than you would with DirectPay. Why pay premium fees for less service? Our clients are happy that a live person answers the phone, and they receive quick and courteous service. Please call or email us today for a quick quote.

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The Extra Mile

DirectPay Payroll Service goes the extra mile to provide great customer service. Last week, several accounting professionals asked for information regarding mutual clients. These accountants have electronic access, but sometimes there is a rush, and they prefer that we send it over in a secure email. We responded quickly and pleasantly. A live person answers our phone, and our clients do not sit on hold. We would love to tell you more about DirectPay Payroll and our superior service. Please call or email today.

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Relax with DirectPay Payroll

When you go on vacation you feel relaxed and carefree. DirectPay Payroll Service clients feel that way all the time about their payroll processing. DirectPay strives to give the very finest personal service. We never leave a client waiting or confused, and we have no pricing gimmicks. Please give us a call to discuss your company’s payroll, and how we can help.

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A Client Once Told me…

A client once told me, “DirectPay Payroll is the best value of all my vendors. All the paychecks, direct deposit, payroll returns, and tax deposits that you handle for me is incredible.” I think back on his comment when I am signing up new accounts. I know for certain that DirectPay Payroll will provide the finest in payroll processing, and give you peace of mind. If you think your payroll service is not quickly responsive, has fees that are not clearly understandable, or you get passed person to person when there is something to be discussed, please call us at [...]

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We Are Here For You

We, at DirectPay Payroll understand your frustration with being directed to websites and other electronic help sites. "I have a simple question, and the answer is no where to be found. Now I have to log into something." We hear you. At DirectPay, a live person answers the telephone, that person understands payroll and can probably answer your question on the spot. Our emails are answered right right away, and many of our clients prefer email. Each of our clients have a dedicated payroll specialist who understands each payroll and the history of that payroll. The clients who came to [...]

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Help with the Employee Retention Credits

Employers who kept employees on payroll during the Covid slowdown are eligible to receive tax credits. There are many confusing rules surrounding this, but if you were genuinely paying employees while the company made less money, you are probably eligible. If you are a current client of DirectPay Payroll Services, you are in luck. We charge only to amend the 941 quarterly returns, and help you gather the additional information required. If you are with a competing payroll service, you will pay more for amendments (and get this) may have to pay the payroll service a percentage of your tax [...]

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