A few years back Suzie Crage of Stanley Labs’ Human Resources Department was working with a large corporate provider to handle Stanley’s outsourced payroll management. The company was supposed to be great at what they did; they had a great reputation and had promised Crage the moon. And Stanley was paying top dollar for the services.

Then one afternoon Crage got a batch of bad paychecks.

“There’s nothing worse than a mistake in a paycheck. You don’t want an employee with an incorrect check,” says Crage. In payroll “accuracy is number one.”

Crage was familiar with DirectPay Payroll and she felt good about them. They were local and their charges seemed really reasonable. Crage decided to give them a chance.

That was over two years ago and now Crage says, “Oh, they’re like family. Everybody there knows who I am! And I know them. We know about each other and we share personal stories. There’s no false pretense either. It’s all very sincere.”

“We don’t like voicemail,” says Beth Young, operations manager with DirectPay. “We just answer our phones!” Young goes on to say that every staff member at DirectPay knows every client. “We truly believe in personal service. That’s our difference,” says Young.

That personal relationship has created confidence for Stanley Lab’s. “Now we wouldn’t trust anybody else,” says Crage. “I just don’t have to worry about payroll any more.”

DirectPay has earned trust with Stanley Lab’s by being available, but there’s a lot more to the relationship than that too. “They’re always available to run any report I need, but they never ask me to fill out complicated forms! They have all the red tape; not me,” says Crage.

It’s obvious when a visitor walks into the offices at DirectPay that they love the work. “Oh we do,” says Beth when asked about the staff’s enthusiasm. “We love our work. We love our clients. We work hard, but we have a great time doing it!”

Maybe it’s the personal relationships that motivate the staff at DirectPay. Whatever the reason, Stanley Labs values them for their accuracy and thoroughness in payroll processing and keeping them current and in compliance with all tax, benefits and HR regulations. “They are truly supportive of us,” says Crage. “I can’t say enough good things about them.”

“It’s our job to make sure our clients stay compliant. Staying current on the changes in regulations is a huge part of our job,” says Young.

DirectPay provides complete payroll, tax and HR Services and all products and services are available online so that clients can access information at all times. If you need help call DirectPay today at 704-921-2730 or check out their website at www.directpaypayroll.com.