ADI Time Clocks

NEW! ADI Time announces a complete product line of IP based real-time “Push” terminals designed for adiTime Software solutions coming this summer.

These new ADI Time terminals seamlessly interface with our powerful labor management subscription services and on-premise software, helping organizations of all sizes automate their time and attendance, in order to reduce expenses and errors related to payroll processing. Models are available with Biometric Authentication or Badge Authentication.

The complete product line provides an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Capable of collecting, storing and transmitting employee time punches, it provides real time data collection and reporting for businesses that know the importance of carefully managing their most precious resource: their workforce. The ADI Time terminals were developed by our own development team, and tightly integrate with adiTime, our hosted time and attendance solution.

Also, turn your old clocks into big cash savings! See how to receive $400, $500 or $600 per clock off our everyday low list price when purchasing our innovative adiPad or adiTouch terminals!

ADI Time Terminal Configurations

    adiTouch™ 700 Series

    adiPad™ 400 Series

Large 7.0” color touch screen terminal input 4.3” color screen terminal with keypad input
Biometric, Bar Code and Proximity Card models Biometric, Bar Code and Proximity Card models




Modern Architecture: Utilizing advanced and powerful processor technology commonly found in smart phones, and with onboard Ethernet, all ADI Time terminals are modern IP-based devices.

TruSync™ Technology: Requiring no additional software or systems to collect time and attendance data, and requiring no firewall changes within the customer’s network, all ADI Time terminals utilize push technology to transmit data seamlessly with the adiTime subscription service or software.

Employee-friendly user interface: Resembling any modern consumer device like smart phones, the graphical user interface (GUI) of each ADI Time terminal is bright, clear, and highly intuitive thereby increasing usability without the need for significant employee training.

Trade-Up Program

Turn your old clocks into big cash savings!

Want to receive $400, $500 or $600 per clock off our everyday low list price when purchasing our innovative adiPad or adiTouch terminals?

ADI Time’s Trade-Up program allows you to:

  • Upgrade your entire time clock infrastructure
  • Savings helps offset cost of upgrading to new Time & Labor system
  • Proper disposal of old, obsolete and/or depreciated time clocks
  • Receive thousands of dollars in cash savings

Simply fill out the below form and ship the old obsolete clocks to us to take advantage of our “around the clock” savings! It’s that easy.

Here’s an example …

Let’s say your company has 20 old time clocks that you purchased back in the 1980s. You’re considering updating your time and labor software and infrastructure. You decide to Trade-Up to the new adiTouch™ terminal with Lumidigm® based biometric reader (ADI-AT700L).

Now our everyday price is $2,099 per clock, but under this Trade-Up program your price is only $1,499 when you return your old clocks to us. Upgrading your entire 20 old clock infrastructure will net you $12,000 in savings! 20 clocks returned to ADI Time multiplied by $600 discount per clock, equals $12,000 in savings!

Eligible Terminals

    adiTouch™ 700 Series

    adiPad™ 400 Series

* ADI Time will responsibly handle the disposal and proper recycling of all returned equipment

For more information, please contact your Account Manager at (704) 921-2730 or send an email to