DirectPay has partnered with ADI Time to offer you the optimal experience in timeclock solutions.

There are several payroll time challenges any organization must face:

  • Eliminating Time Theft – ADI Time helps you time theft by consistently and automatically applying rounding rules and restriction capabilities, as well as eliminating “buddy punching” is used in conjunction with our biometric timeclocks.
  • Ensuring compliance – It is vital that an organization’s payroll system comply with legal frameworks as well as other industry-specific requirements.
  • Getting accurate, real-time reporting – Accuracy is the key to payroll. ADI Time not only provides historical information it also is forward-looking.
  • Ensuring employee confidentiality – Secure employee’s information is crucial, this is why ADI Time’s data is strictly controlled allowing you to restrict data access based on user role.
  • Payroll preparation – Eliminating manual calculation and administrative tasks can save an organization. ADI Time also saves you hours of by assisting in timecard approvals by notifying you of timecard exceptions that need your immediate attention.


ADI Time Time Clocks

Choosing the right data collection method to track workforce time and attendance is vital to optimize employee performance and boost company profitability. ADI Time time clocks offers a diverse range of industry leading time time clocks data collection technologies to fit your unique work environment and organizational needs, while reducing the time and cost involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. An ADI Time time clock provides accurate real-time integration.

ADI Time time clock offerings include:

Biometric Time Time Clocks

Increase security, eliminate time theft , control overtime, ensure compliance, empower employee self-service, and enforce attendance policies.

Badge Time Time Clock

For companies who want traditional time clocks; we offer full-featured intelligent terminals that support many self-service options at the clock.

Voice Response / Phone Time Clock

A phone time clock is a natural choice for employers with remote and mobile workers where you can leverage your current telephony infrastructure to capture critical information at the point of activity.


Our Web Entry allows your organization to collect labor data anywhere, through the internet. Web Entry can also be used in conjunction with an ADI Time time clock.

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