Have you ever had trouble beginning a project simply because there were too many tasks to organize? Remember the old saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Managing a business can certainly be overwhelming, especially the day-to-day operations.

Business owners and managers have a lot on their plates and sometimes the challenge of everyday business functions simply comes down to making sense of many small, but critical tasks. How can managers know every component of necessary business functions like bookkeeping, payroll, employee management, building management and taxes? Sometimes the answer is that they can’t. That’s why a growing number of business managers outsource business functions to companies like DirectPay Payroll.

Just reading the table of contents on DirectPay’s DirectHR portal helps provide a clear picture of the tasks involved in HR management. The first drop-down menu on DirectPay’s DirectHR site is called “Essentials.” This is a great resource that provides HR forms, a company handbook, a policy library, job descriptions, checklists, guides and letters! And that’s just the “Essentials” menu.

DirectPay’s DirectHR company handbook is a literal goldmine of information. Just read through the table of contents and learn all about creating a policy for timesheets, holidays, mileage reimbursements and work assignments. The DirectHR company handbook basically provides a list of areas on which a manager or company should develop and enforce policy. It provides an outline of a great document and a firm foundation for a company that follows proper policy and procedure. Establishing procedures upfront can save a lot of headaches and money down the road.

DirectHR also provides alerts on federal and state law, healthcare reform and other benefits information. Guidelines are given for complying with HIPAA and COBRA regulations, along with email alerts and resources for further information on many topics and professional HR support. A comprehensive HR glossary is also provided. Managers can scan the Q&A database for frequently asked questions. They can find news, articles, an HR podcast and regular newsletters.

The content that DirectPay’s DirectHR system provides can help busy managers and owners focus on what they do best. So often engineers, designers, architects, advertising experts and other entrepreneurs find themselves spending valuable business hours resolving payroll issues, tax problems and resolving employee timesheet concerns. Outsourcing the day-to-day tasks of business can help refocus attention on the skills and talents that made a business great in the beginning.

Is your business bogged down with day-to-day payroll tasks and complex tax filings? Call the experts at DirectPay Payroll at 704-921-2730 or check out their website at www.directpaypayroll.com. DirectPay can help managers make a task list and then help them get it done. Call DirectPay today!