Online Employer

Online Employer is a web-based business solution to streamline business processes and administrative functions required for your organization.

What is it?

Online Employer is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  You can access information from virtually anywhere with a standard Internet Connection.  So you can manage information when it’s most convenient for you.

Products and services available through Online Employer include:

Online Payroll Entry

Payroll just became a whole lot easier.  Online Employer presents payroll remote entry services in conjunction with the best payroll software in the marketplace.

You receive all of the flexibility of having access to your payroll data 24×7 with the convenience of a payroll company to manage the payroll processing, tax payments and impounding of funds.  Online Employer couples your payroll data with our other products so you only require one log-in to access your information across all areas of Online Employer.

Employee Services

Online Employer’s Employee Services is a self service, web-based product providing employers and their employees on-line access to personnel information, check stubs, time off accruals and more.

Our fully web-based solution enables employees to access information 24×7.  Save  time and resources by providing employees instant access to information they need, when they need it.  Vital data is protected to ensure that employees can view information without compromising data.

Benefits of Employee Services

  • Fully web-based solution available 24×7 from any Internet connection
  • Seamless integration of standard data between Online Employer Payroll and Employee Services
  • Password protection ensures appropriate personnel access information based upon job responsibilities
  • Manage salary, training and other personal information
  • View/Print check stubs on the web
  • Reduce employee inquiries for information
  • View attendance balances for sick/vacation time
  • Reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel
  • Employees are able to view their W-2 at year end