Many of you may have noticed that your payroll report delivery has been upgraded to Shugo FileGuardian. If you have not been upgraded yet, please contact your Account Manager at (704) 921-2730 so that we can upgrade your report delivery before your next payroll. However, If you prefer the ViewChoice software, no action needs to be taken and you will continue to receive reports via ViewChoice. You can change report methods at anytime with just a call or email to your account manager. We are pleased to offer an additional secure method of receiving payroll reports.


Some information on Shugo:

Every day, I see or hear about someone who has been a victim of identity theft. It often happens when confidential information is electronically transmitted through an unsecure email connection. Because this is a growing problem, I felt that I had to take steps to protect you and my own business from this kind of unnecessary risk and worry.

After much research, I am pleased to announce that we have integrated a sophisticated and powerful security software solution here in our office. All information electronically transmitted in or out is fully covered by the highest level of security protection available on the market. Data is kept fully secured and confidential. I’m sharing this because I want you to know how important your trust and confidence is to our business.

I chose Shugo, known for the extent to which they safeguard data in a simple, almost invisible manner, specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Shugo is certified as McAfee Secure, and is used by businesses around the country to comply with the increasing number of state regulations intended to ensure all payroll, business records and other sensitive data are carefully protected.

It also gave me peace of mind knowing that they had over 10,000 companies already using this.

Because security breaches and identity theft are not the kinds of threats that go away all by themselves, I also wanted to share it with you as something to think about for your company. When you add Shugo to your files, you will have a simple and secure way to send, receive and even store your emails, payroll, tax and business information to prevent potential breaches. It does not take any technical know-how on your end to add to your system.

Call me when you have a few minutes–I can answer any questions you might have about how I’m using Shugo. I can help you get this set up, and it will just take a few minutes.

Looking forward to talking with you soon.


Beth Young
Operations Manager
DirectPay Payroll Services