As a business owner, you know there’s more to payroll processing than just signing a paycheck every week. That’s why so many companies turn to us to help with this important aspect of their business. If you think not filing your 941s or filing them late is an option, think again. Penalties can be staggering. In fact, there have been continued initiatives in the U.S. Senate to investigate tax penalties for small business. You don’t want to have problems with the IRS.

Fiscal year. Year-end. End of the quarter. Monthly.

Do you sometimes feel that there’s a report that must be completed whenever you look at the calendar? As a business owner, you have plenty to keep you busy just keeping on top of what goes on at the office day to day. Sometimes, you may feel that you’re nothing more than a slave to the calendar and the next tax report.

But DirectPay makes this necessary task so much easier.

Internal Revenue Service Form 941 must be submitted at the end of each quarter. Put simply, any employer who withholds taxes from an employee’s paycheck has to report that withholding quarterly using the 941 form.

With our complete tax pay and file service, you’ll never have to worry about getting those 941s in on time again. We will make those payments for you, including completion of all the necessary paperwork. If you prefer to make the payments yourself, we will give you detailed reports with listings of what taxes are due and the filing deadlines. You can customize our services to your needs.

“We know how stressful tax filing can be,” said Beth Young, operations manager at DirectPay. “Let us take that away from you. We’re the experts. We don’t make mistakes with your taxes.”

At DirectPay, we’re proud of our personal approach to payroll. We know how important your business is. Tax filing at DirectPay is done in-house, not outsourced as it is at many payroll companies. At DirectPay, you will work one-on-one with a member of our staff whose job it is to know your business well. Our goal is to make payroll the easiest, most efficient aspect of your business.

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