Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

More Beans for the Bean Counters that Outsource!

The catalyst for outsourcing payroll, tax or HR services is usually cost containment.  Reduction of cost without sacrifice of quality is paramount.  Therefore, when considering outsourcing, vendor choice is critical.

After finding a vendor that meets basic payroll production, consider identifying vendors that might have additional payroll or HR products.  Info-Tech Research Group recently conducted a study that found many companies actually outsource to gain access to the specialized skill set that the outsourcing company provides. Rather than depend on employees who have expertise in a different field, companies choose to hire professionals who focus on the specific tasks (i.e. payroll, tax filing, HR) everyday. This results in higher quality product delivery with far less probability for error.

Fast delivery of service is another positive result of outsourcing.  Most payroll specialist can provide results in a more timely manner. Then, of course, there is reallocation of staff time. Removing payroll or tax work rarely results in layoffs. Instead, staff who have had major time commitments to the tasks associated with payroll and other financial matters, can refocus on other tasks.

Negative consequences in outsourcing largely involve poor planning and lack of research. Finding the right companies to outsource the work to is critical to successfully outsourcing payroll, tax or HR services. Typical problems for companies who do not research well are outsourcers who often have cost overruns, and fail to deliver the product as it was specified. Other problems can arise if there are time zone differences, cultural or language barriers.

Having said this, finding the right outsourcing company can result in:

  • Significant cost containment
  • Faster Payroll Service
  • Increase in Payroll and HR Services
  • Control of overhead
  • Increased product quality
  • Access to expertise
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater focus on core products and services

If you’re considering outsourcing payroll, tax or HR services, choose the right outsourcer from the outset. DirectPay Payroll provides top notch payroll, tax and HR services and is a leader in their field. DirectPay has a reputation for excellent customer service, accurate and timely work. If you’d like to discuss outsourcing or just need expert payroll advice, call DirectPay today at 704-921-2730 or check out their website at today!