When is Outsourcing Payroll A Necessity?

Even the most savvy entrepreneurs sometimes have a difficult time keeping up with payroll taxes.  According to howstuffworks.com, payroll taxes can create trouble, because “Complicated tax forms must be filled out and filed on an annual, quarterly, sometimes even weekly basis. Missed deadlines and improper tax filings can result in steep fines and even jail time.” A business owner managing payroll can be a huge time waster. That’s bad for the owner and bad for the company. Sitting in the office ... Read more

How Could Outsourcing Payroll Save A Company’s Healthcare Budget? And More?

Businesses save money by outsourcing payroll, but exactly how? The obvious answer is that outsourcing fees are less than the cost of paying in-house payroll staff member salaries and benefits. But there are other savings created by outsourcing that are less obvious. While it’s true that hiring fewer payroll staff members keeps individual salary budgets in check, an indirect result of this is also beneficial: keeping the company size classification in check. The federal healthcare law requires employers with 50 or more ... Read more

Dating In the Workplace: Fifty Shades of a Legal Debacle?

Dating in the workplace: Legail Debacle or Life Changing Romance!For those enthralled in the best seller Fifty Shades of Grey, a workplace romance might seem like a positive next step in life (or in the workplace) but the reality is not that sexy.  For employers it may prove to be an untidy and expensive embarrassment. All too often what starts as a common interest in another person can end up in a messy sexual harassment law suit.  Sexual harassment is defined legally ... Read more

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

The catalyst for outsourcing payroll, tax or HR services is usually cost containment.  Reduction of cost without sacrifice of quality is paramount.  Therefore, when considering outsourcing, vendor choice is critical. After finding a vendor that meets basic payroll production, consider identifying vendors that might have additional payroll or HR products.  Info-Tech Research Group recently conducted a study that found many companies actually outsource to gain access to the specialized skill set that the outsourcing company provides. Rather than depend on employees who ... Read more

Stay Competitive – Plan For Payroll Increases

According to the business consulting firm Mercer, 98 percent of the 1500 employers included on a recent survey plan to increase employee pay in 2013. Salary increases are expected to be up by 2.9 percent, an increase from 2011 and 2010. CNN Money reports that pay raises will not, however, be uniform across the board. Workers designated as top performers are expected to get larger compensation increases than average workers. Some top workers can expect increases as high as 4.5 percent while ... Read more

Workers’ Comp Alert!

Worker's Comp Alert!A new North Carolina law allows lawmakers to potentially incarcerate employers for failure to provide workers' compensation! State lawmakers' have approved HB 237 which requires the state Industrial Commission to capture all information from the North Carolina Rate Bureau, which records insurance information on employers. The Industrial Commission insures that employers have coverage and resolves workers' claims. The new bill allows non-compliant employers to be pursued and may even allow penalties for non-compliance to include incarceration. The bill has been ... Read more

Back to the Basics With Expert Outsourcing

Business owners may view performing day-to-day operations as simply a headache. The truth is that the time required to manage business operations may actually damage the viability of the business. Business management sometimes becomes an overwhelming task that can strangle the original vision of a company by consuming the time, energy and talent of the management and staff. Focus on the basics should be the mission of all companies and employees. A focus on day-to-day business management sometimes pulls talented professionals away ... Read more