Wouldn’t it be nice if your employees were proactively notified by e-mail when their check stubs were ready to be viewed? Better yet, wouldn’t it be convenient if these pay stubs could be securely viewed and accessed from any device (PC, Mac, or Mobile)? Now they can thanks to FileGuardian’s Electronic Check Stub Delivery.

How does it work?

On check date, employees will receive an e-mail notification that their pay stub is ready for viewing on their PC, Mac or Mobile device.  No matter which device they use, the process is the same — a simple two-step, secure download process.

As an added bonus, FileGuardian stores check stubs for 12 months providing employees easy access to past stubs.  Stubs are stored securely using FileGuardian’s industry leading encryption technology and SAS70 Type II certified data centers.

How to get started?

  1. Contact DirectPay for your check stub administrator account.
  2. Login to FileGuardian.
  3. Assign an e-mail address for each employee that you would like to be notified.

 Employees don’t want to chase their payroll information. They want it to come to them.

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