Payroll outsourcing has turned into big business, and why not? Not only is it cost effective, it also has been proven to increase productivity, accuracy, and especially accountability. With most payroll services you can even submit your payroll data online at 2am if you so please. Not to mention the comfort of knowing that your tax payments are going to be made correctly and on time. Quarterly and Annual reporting will always be taken care of for you, and the proof is in those nifty electronic copies you receive each quarter.

However, not all payroll services are created equal. Many companies will boast great customer service, but if great customer service means half an hour pressing every button on the phone trying to reach a representative, then no thank you. Or how about one department makes mistakes, instead of being able to assist, you are suddenly catapulted through a never ending phone matrix trying to find someone to resolve the issue.

At DirectPay Payroll Services, not only do we offer complete Payroll and Tax filing services, we devote ourselves to giving the best possible customer service in the industry. You will always speak to a real person when you call our office. You are assigned to an Account Manager that is fully knowledgeable in your account from day one.

Want to key your own payroll online, but afraid that you might miss out on personal service or even worse, might have to pay an additional fee to speak with an Account Manager? Not at DirectPay. Our online self-serve clients receive the same impeccable customer service as our full-service clients at no additional cost.

If you would like to discuss your Payroll & Tax filing needs with us, simply call us at (704) 921-2730, or send an email to , or request a free quote from our website: We look forward to hearing from you!